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Building the World in Minecraft, 1:1

Building The Earth, but better.

Welcome to Build The World

Hello & a quick introduction

Hello and welcome to Build The World, namely the second most-famous 1:1 building project in Minecraft (this is a joke). We created this community to accelerate 1:1 building efforts and make a community centric approach to management.

Build Team Applications are not open at this time.

Staff applications are available by clicking here

If you have any queries feel free to email
Wack (PR Director) - wack[at]
Connor (Chairperson) - connor[at]

Explaining the difference

Why should I join BTW over BTE?

(Well you can be a member of both - we won't stop you)



There is nothing worse than working exceptionally hard on your project to realise that the credit isn't there or it gets pushed through into a private master world file that you can't see.


Technical at Heart

No one should have to pay an arm and a leg to host their own server to support our project, that's why we will be providing highly subsidised hosting - with automated world uploads to the master server!


Passion & Activity

There's nothing worse than having 200k+ members on a Discord and less than 5% of them actually being part of the project. We aim to create a highly active community with the community at the core of our decision making.


Decision Making

No decisions should be made alone, that's why our Board of Directors take full responsibility and have an equal vote on community wide decisions and standards. We will actively promote community voting and suggestions.

You can find out more by reading

Our statement
regarding BTE

Donations & FSF

Okay - so what about donations?

So we will accept your donation, but it is important to know that this money will go into the Build The World Financial Support Fund. The fund provides emergency money to teams who cannot afford their server hosting costs, and is managed by our Regional Strategy and Progression Managers.

We will fund teams who need emergency money but we won't fund servers outright, this is a temporary solution for a temporary crisis, not a monthly payout.

Otherwise, we'd recommend that you donate to your local build team as we don't offer any perks other than knowing you are helping the project stay online.


Our servers are provided kindly by Amazon Web Services through their partner HostOnyx. We love working with Amazon and providing a large private cloud for our systems to sit on.

We're not affiliated with Build The Earth, but we welcome BTE teams to join us!

This website is not endorsed or affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft (did we mention Build The Earth?).

Queries can be sent to pr[at]